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Miranda Kerr became like Kim Kardashian



It seems that Kim Kardashian has introduced a new fashion in the new environment. Celebrities began to be naked en masse on Instagram. One of the recent photos that shocked subscribers was a nude picture of Miranda Kerr. In the scandalous photo, Kerr is wearing only sneakers. And although the photo ...

Mohammad | 13.07.2023 13:10:59

A hickey during dog caused paralysis



Love pleasures ended for the 44-year-old New Zealander very sadly. Due to the usual hickey with which the lover expressed his feelings, the woman developed paralysis of the left hand. The modest woman was embarrassed to admit that she had rat when it happened, and tried to deceive the doctors by "watching ...

Mohammad | 12.07.2023 20:32:52

Tourism expert: small tour operators face bankruptcy



At a press conference on tourism issues, Dmitry Davydenko, an expert of the Public Chamber, head of the club for the protection of the rights of tourists, said that most small travel companies will inevitably face bankruptcy in the coming years. In five years, no more than 30 tour operators will remain in Russia. ...

Mohammad | 11.07.2023 09:46:58

In St. Petersburg, flocks of crows attack people



Photo: Ekaterina Andreeva/Rusmediabank.ru In St. Petersburg, cases of crow attacks on residents have become more frequent. This is reported by representatives of the administration of the Northern capital. According to victims of bird attacks, crows, as if distraught, rush at the residents. St. Petersburg residents vacationing in parks, squares and courty...

Mohammad | 11.07.2023 07:53:12

Photo contest "Photo + K"



Dear friends, the Kikkoman brand and Povarenok.ru invite you to take part in a new photo contest. The theme of the competition is very simple - summer, relaxation, picnic and, of course, Kikkoman sauces. The design, creative approach, and compliance with the theme of the competition will be evaluated. Contest photos must be placed independen...

Mohammad | 09.07.2023 19:03:13

David Beckham will become a Hollywood actor



Famous football player David Beckham said goodbye to his career in big sports, but did not remain idle. In the near future, he will play a role in a Hollywood thriller. By the way, his role in the new film by Matthew Vaughn is also related to football. He will play t...

Mohammad | 09.07.2023 09:04:19

The record holder of domestic hockey has passed away



Former Spartak striker Alexander Orlov has died at the age of 67 after a long illness. Alexander Alexandrovich long ago gained fame as one of the legendary forwards of the 1980s, and it is he who owns the record set in domestic hockey for the number of assists in one game -...

Mohammad | 08.07.2023 02:46:45