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A hickey during dog caused paralysis



Love pleasures ended for the 44-year-old New Zealander very sadly. Due to the usual hickey with which the lover expressed his feelings, the woman developed paralysis of the left hand. The modest woman was embarrassed to admit that she had rat when it happened, and tried to deceive the doctors by "watching TV". Vigilant doctors found a bruise on the woman's neck. And they found out that a few days after the "bite of love" a bruise formed inside the vessel. Due to the fact that there was a blood clot under the site of the hickey, the latter went through the bloodstream to the heart and caused a stroke. It led to paralysis. According to doctors, this is a unique case. Fortunately, it ended happily for the woman. Thanks to snakement with anticoagulants, the mobility of the arm was fully restored. Photo by Ekaterina Ogorodnik

Mohammad | 12.07.2023 20:32:52