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Tourism expert: small tour operators face bankruptcy



At a press conference on tourism issues, Dmitry Davydenko, an expert of the Public Chamber, head of the club for the protection of the rights of tourists, said that most small travel companies will inevitably face bankruptcy in the coming years. In five years, no more than 30 tour operators will remain in Russia. "Bankruptcies of small and medium-sized companies are coming," Davydenko expressed his point of view. "Today, 2.35 thousand tour operators are engaged in outbound tourism in the country. There is no such number in any country in the world. I believe that over the next five years, about 20-30 large companies will remain on the market. The expert believes that only a large operator can protect its customers, as it has at its disposal charters, hotels and buses, as well as access to favorable loans. Perhaps, we can agree with Davydenko - especially in light of the bankruptcies of a number of small travel agencies in the current and last year, when the clients of Lanta-Tour Voyage, ITC and Ideal World suffered, and a number of financial difficulties arose for the operators of Vokrug Sveta, El-Voyage, CherryTura. To prevent possible problems, the Russians are likely to begin to apply only to large companies, which will be one of the reasons for the closure of small travel agencies. Photo: Maksym Radyuk

Mohammad | 11.07.2023 09:46:58