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In St. Petersburg, flocks of crows attack people



Photo: Ekaterina Andreeva/Rusmediabank.ru In St. Petersburg, cases of crow attacks on residents have become more frequent. This is reported by representatives of the administration of the Northern capital. According to victims of bird attacks, crows, as if distraught, rush at the residents. St. Petersburg residents vacationing in parks, squares and courtyards of their houses are especially attacked. What is the reason for this, ornithologists say. According to them, the reason for the aggressive behavior of birds is the desire of birds to protect the nest. "In May-July," scientists say, "they begin a season of activity: everywhere you can observe bird nests or already mature chicks. It is best to avoid them, otherwise you will have to face crows protecting their offspring.

Mohammad | 11.07.2023 07:53:12